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CISI - UK Financial Regulations Certification Exam

CISI : UK Financial Regulations Certification Examination

13 Tests, 900+ Questions
5 Unit Tests and 8 Full Length Tests

Understand UK Financial Regulations

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CISI : UK Financial Regulations Certification Examination

This CISI - UK Financial Regulations Certification Examination provides a comprehensive introduction to the financial services industry with a specific focus on investments from a global perspective. It is the third step in the CISI's qualification pathway.

The objective of the examination is to ensure that candidates can apply appropriate knowledge and understanding of UK Financial Markets, Regulation and Ethics to financial planning, advice and management for retail customers.

The examination will test candidate's understanding and practical application of the following elements:

  • The Regulatory Environment
  • The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and Financial Services Act 2012
  • Associated Legislation and Regulation
  • The FCA Conduct of Business Source-book / Client Assets
  • Complaints and Redress

Distribution of weights of the CISI - UK Financial Regulations Curriculum

Chapter No.TitleWeights(%)
1 The Regulatory Environment 7
2 The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 10
3 Associated Legislation and Regulations 18
4 The FCA Conduct of Business Source-book/Client Assets 37
5 Complaints & Redress 3

CISI - UK Financial Regulations Certification Exam Details

Name of Module: CISI - UK Financial Regulations Certification Examination

 Test Fees 
 Test Duration  
(in minutes)
No. of
Maximum Marks  Pass Marks (%)   Certificate Validity  
(in years)
 Negative Marking 
191 90 75 100 70 Life Time n/a

CISI - UK Financial Regulations Certification Examination: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What exactly will be CISI's role in certification?

The role of CISI will be to administer the online certification testing for Indian market Practitioners as well as develop further content in collaboration with the Capital Markets Authority with regard to the domestic framework, specific tests as well as global standard specialization tests. The CISI will also work with the CMA to identify appropriate local training institutions to deliver the CISI approved syllabus.

2. What will be the delivery mode of the exam?

The exam will be computer Based where candidates receive the results immediately after the exam.

3. Is there any class room training provided by CISI?

Candidates wishing to follow classroom training sessions prior to taking the examination may do so through Intelivisto. Please contact the Intelivisto for more details on training. For any further information please visit our site: www.intelivisto.com or can contact on 9891224488

Why Intelivisto?

We take this opportunity to introduceIntelivisto Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.as one of the leading e-learning portal solution provinding organization. The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI), United Kingdom, is thelargestprofessional certification agency across the globe.

Intelivisto Consulting India Private Limitedwas established to cater to the growing demand from professionals to upgrade their skills and knowledge and to carry out exquisite Market Research, Financial Modeling, Global Securities Operations, Risk Management, Compliance Operations, client servicing on developed as well as emerging markets and provide technical support.

Key Facts about our Programs

  • No faculty but Practitioners - To pledge their support and evolve the financial domain, Market professionals with rich experience join hands to share their experience with all candidates.
  • Highly Interactive - We don't believe in just standing and delivering lectures. All our programs are highly interactive and engaging with live examples and case studies.
  • Performance Analysis - Regular assessments during our workshop help us to mould our training program so to adapt with the audience, thus to make it effective and fruitful.

Intelivisto features of the CISI - UK Financial Regulations Certification Practice Tests :

    Intelivisto features

  • Designed as per parameters put by top financial market institute CISI
  • Holds 5 unit practice tests and 8 full length practice tests (in total 13 tests).
  • Includes over 900 questions.
  • Each test has 3 attempts.
  • Takes the similar pattern and testing mechanism as put for CISI online tests.
  • Covers the different topics drawn for CISI - UK Financial Regulations certification in small details.
  • Get online tests and examine your performance with comprehensive report at a microscopic level with our evaluation tools.
  • Get in depth knowledge of CISI - UK Financial Regulations through our trainings and workshops by market professionals and build up essential trading plans effortlessly.

How to Begin?

Here at Intelivisto, you get ready to crack CISI-UK Financial Regulations with confidence. So, we would be glad to support you in preparing to not only get the certification but also to outfit you with the necessary skills-set. If you want to obtain practice test, you can register with us, which can be accessable free of cost and afterwards you could access our product categories as per your requirement and can practice particular product's mock test.

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I was part of your training at Goldman Sachs in Bangalore for UK financial regulations. Thank you for making it very informative and enriching. Despite the topic being very dry, the trainer Mr Gaurav made it very interesting. His in depth knowledge about the markets was very evident.
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- Ipshita Gopinath, Analyst

Questions provided by Intelivisto are excellent and is as per paper that comes in CISI - UK Financial Regulations. I was able to clear exam with good percentage. Thank you so much Intelivisto.
- CISI - UK Financial Reg..

- Somnath, Student

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