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Things You Need to Learn to Beat CISI Preparation Test Online
Certain things you must learn which might ease the process of clearing your examination and help you to get the CISI certification.
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Advantages of Taking Online Exam Preparation for CISI
You might get the opportunity to give the mock tests for CISI. The CISI mock test papers are available in abundance in the platforms for online preparation. You should remember to give several mock tests before facing the final examination.
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The Best Tips For Online Exam Preparation For NISM
The first major role comes as seeking the help of experts followed by the concept and role of it. You must also be wise enough to have a good effort on the time management and picking the right exam for yourself.
Category :   NISM-Mutual Funds
Career Opportunities After Clearing Online CISI Exam
The CISI certification courses will surely lead you to the derivatives and securities to get the Approved person status by FCA.
Category :   CISI-UK Financial Reg
Know your Options
In last 1 decade, options as an instrument has grown high popularity in Indian derivatives market segment as they have great leverage power, less risk and higher potential returns.
Category :   NISM-Series VIII
Investment Adviser Regulation & Certification
The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) approved the SEBI (Investment Advisers) Regulations, 2012 in its board meeting on August 16, 2012, with a view to standardize the registration and regulation for investment advisers.
Category :   NISM-Series XA
Depositories and Investors
A depository can be compared to a bank and holds securities (like shares, debentures, bonds, Government Securities, units etc.) of investors in electronic form.
Category :   NISM-Series VI
Selecting a Mutual Fund Scheme
Investing in a mutual fund scheme starts with the tedious task of selecting the appropriate one and this is where some investor might be tempted to invest in a mutual fund scheme which yields higher returns.
Category :   NISM-Mutual Funds
Grievances of Policy-holders & Insurance Ombudsman
An Insurance Ombudsman is an official appointed by government and is responsible for protecting the interests and settling grievances of policy holders outside court system in a cost-effective, efficient and impartial manner.
Category :   IRDA-Life Insurance IC-33
Is import duty hike curb the gold demand?
Government raised the import duty on gold by 2 percent to 6 percent; this is the second hike in one year.On the very next day government increased the import duty on gold dore bars to 5% from 2%.
Category :   MCCP-Commodities
Counterview-People's Love for Gold
There is no doubt about continuing obsession of Indian people for yellow metal and because of that only, the country has remained the largest consumer as well as the largest importer of the gold for many years.
Category :   MCCP-Commodities
Risk Management
To pre-empt market failures and protect investors, the regulator/exchanges have developed a comprehensive risk management system, which is constantly monitored and upgraded.
Category :   NISM-Series VII
Surveillance in Securities Markets
Effective surveillance is the sine qua non for a well functioning capital market. As an integral part in the regulatory process, effective surveillance can achieve investor protection, market integrity and capital market development.
Category :   NCFM-Surveillance
Depository System in India
The Depositories Act, 1996 ushered in an era of efficient capital market infrastructure, improved investor protection, reduced risks and increased transparency of transactions in the securities market.
Category :   NISM-Series VI
Commodity Derivatives in India
The Commodity Futures Market in India dates back to more than a century. The first organized futures market was established in 1875, under the name and style of 'Bombay Cotton Trade Association' to trade in cotton contracts.
Category :   MCCP-Commodities
Insurance in India
The story of insurance is probably as old as the story of mankind. The same instinct that prompts modern businessmen today to secure themselves against loss and disaster existed in primitive men also.
Category :   IRDA-Life Insurance IC-33
A good portfolio cannot be formed by investing only in one type of security or sector, but by diversifying across various avenues.
Category :   NCFM-Capital Market
Buying Back the Shares
Share buyback means a company buying back its shares from shareholders other than promoters.
Category :   NCFM-Capital Market
Blaming Financial Innovation for Global Financial Crisis
After all, dicey financial products and opaque mortgage-backed securities did play a dubious role in the run-up to the global crisis.
Category :   NCFM-Equity Derivatives
Turbulence and substantiation of Rupee and the way out
The currency market is experiencing its first slowdown since the 2008 financial crisis. Banks, fearing a global credit crunch brought on by Europe's sovereign-debt struggles, are lending less, reducing the flow of currency across borders.
Category :   NISM-Currency Derivatives
Monetary Policy and Stock Markets
Monetary Policy is the actions of a central bank that determine the size and rate of growth of the money supply, which in turn affects interest rates.
Category :   NCFM-Capital Market
Before Investing in Mutual Fund
A mutual fund is just the connecting bridge or a financial intermediary that allows a group of investors to pool their money together with a predetermined investment objective.
Category :   NISM-Mutual Funds
Derivatives in India
Derivatives markets have been in existence in India in some form or other for a long time.
Category :   NCFM-Equity Derivatives
Synopsis of Derivatives
A derivative instrument is a financial contract whose value is derived from the value of something else, such as a stock price, a commodity price, an exchange rate, an interest rate, or even an index of prices.
Category :   NCFM-Equity Derivatives
How the Rupee went from 54 to 50 against Dollar in one month
Whoa!!! The Rupee seems to have turned into an adrenaline junkie as it hurtles itself from highs to lows practically every few months.
Category :   NISM-Currency Derivatives
How to spot value stocks in a beaten-down market
It is a strategy as old as the stock market. Hunting for stocks at attractive valuations in the beaten-down sectors, especially when the market is down and out, has always been considered a sure shot formula to make money.
Category :   NCFM-Capital Market
History of Indian Mutual Fund Industry
The mutual fund industry in India started in 1963 with the formation of Unit Trust of India, at the initiative of the Government of India and Reserve Bank of India.
Category :   NISM-Mutual Funds
Capital Market- a Brief Introduction
Indian financial system can be broadly categorized into Money Market and Capital Market. Capital market is the market for securities (debt or equity), where business enterprises can raise long term funds.
Category :   NCFM-Capital Market
Asian currencies dip on debt crisis of Eurozone
Asian currencies dipped broadly versus the dollar on Thursday with the South Korean won paring some of the last two days' gains, as risk-taking was curtailed by persistent worries about the euro zone's debt crisis.
Category :   NISM-Currency Derivatives
Indian cash rates climb to 5-month high as liquidity remains tight
Indian overnight cash rates rose to a five-month high on Tuesday as liquidity conditions remained tight after last week's tax outflows.
Category :   NISM-Currency Derivatives
Nose Dive By Rupee Against Dollar
The Forex market situation is turning into a catastrophe with rupee continuously looking bearish against dollar. The Indian rupee has touched new low of Rs 54.30/usd on Thursday 15th Dec, 2011.
Category :   NISM-Currency Derivatives
Flip Side of a Currency Union
The sovereign debt crisis of South European countries intensified once again in September. There is widespread fear within markets that Greece may default.
Category :   NISM-Currency Derivatives
Euro zone concerns intensify as industrial data dips
Last week, the European Union (EU) nations agreed to follow a stricter budget discipline going forward, to stop the sovereign debt crisis from spreading, and to strengthen efforts to come out of the crisis.
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