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CISI - Asset Servicing Certification Exam

CISI : Asset Servicing Certification Examination

16 Tests, 600+ Questions
13 Unit Tests and 3 Full Length Tests

Understand Asset Servicing Operations Processes

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CISI : Asset Servicing Certification Examination

CISI - Asset Servicing Certification Examination is one of the 15 technical units available as part of the Investment Operations Certificate (IOC). The unit offers an introduction to capital instruments and transactions, the life cycle of an event, mandatory & voluntary events, corporate governance, tax, participants, legal and compliance and risk and controls.

The objective of the examination is to ensure that candidates have a sound understanding of the fundamentals of asset servicing as far as this relates to the needs of operations and administration staff. By heightening the candidates' knowledge of core and surrounding areas to their day to day role, the examination aims to educate the candidate thereby reducing risk to the firm and ultimately the consumer.

Distribution of weights of the CISI - Asset Servicing Curriculum

Chapter No.TitleWeights(%)
1 Capital Instruments and Transactions 10
2 Life Cycle of an Event 12
3 Mandatory Events 18
4 Voluntary Events 32
5 Corporate Governance 8
6 Tax 4
7 Participants 6
8 Legal and Compliance 6
9 Risk and Controls 4

CISI - Asset Servicing Certification Exam Details

Name of Module: CISI - Asset Servicing Certification Examination

 Test Fees 
 Test Duration  
(in minutes)
No. of
Maximum Marks  Pass Marks (%)   Certificate Validity  
(in years)
 Negative Marking 
205 60 50 100 70 Life Time n/a

CISI - Asset Servicing Certification Examination: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How relevant are CISI Assets certification in India?

Asset Servicing continue to grow in India, driven by domestic demand, international necessity and increasing consumer & product sophistication. A range of international institutions, from established and largely reputed Investment Banks & Finance companies have already established operation in India. By pursuing CISI specified qualifications the candidate is equipped with a specific skill set to fulfil the growing challenge in asset servicing field.

2. Recommended Study Hours for Asset Servicing

We recommend 80 hours of study time for the unit. You can chose to self-study for the exam using the CISI learning manual, accompanying e-learning and sample paper or have formal training with one of our Accredited Training Partners (ATP).

Why Intelivisto?

Intelivisto is a e-learning solution provider is all set to help its users (students) to get the best way to crack online exam easily. Intelivisto with its team of well-qualified and experienced practitioners would like to accelerate the productivity and skills of you team thru our well research programs.

At Intelivisto, this means to assist participants to provide knowledge by imparting practical knowledge using case studies, live examples, and hands on learning on the best available tools with the theoretical knowledge CISI - Asset Servicing Certification Examination

Intelivisto is the largest Accrediated Training Partner (ATP) of Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI). As, CISI recognizes the demand for qualified and competent candidates to support India's growing financial services industry.

Intelivisto features of the CISI - Asset Servicing Certification Certification Practice Tests :

    Intelivisto features

  • Designed as per parameters put by top financial market institute CISI.
  • Holds 13 unit practice tests and 3 full length practice tests (in total 16 tests).
  • Includes over 600 questions.
  • Each test has 3 attempts.
  • Takes the similar pattern and testing mechanism as put for CISI online tests.
  • Covers the different topics drawn for CISI - Asset Servicing Certification in small details.
  • Obtain online practice tests and evaluate your performance with thorough report at a microscopic level with our evaluation tools.
  • Get in depth knowledge of CISI - Asset Servicing Certification through our trainings and workshops by market professionals and build up essential trading plans effortlessly.

How to Begin?

Here at Intelivisto, you get ready to crack CISI - Asset Servicing Certification with full belief. We would be more than delighted to give you all the support in providing skill and knowledge to complete the certification. If you wish to obtain practice test, you may do so after registering on our site, which is completely free of cost and then you could access our diverse courses and practice mock test of particular product's.

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I am thinking Intelivisto for helping me in my examination of Assets servicing. This module has covered all the chapters extensively. Question asked in model paper has helped me in getting this certification.
- CISI - Asset Servicing

- Anirudh, Trader

The Assets servicing certification test module is a comprehensive test module. It has given me a sound understanding of the fundamentals of asset servicing. This product has helped me to get the certification.
- CISI - Asset Servicing

- Varun Gupta, Trader

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