Panama Securities industry regulator and Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment have signed an education cooperation agreement

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 The agreement was signed by the superintendent of the Panamanian Securities regulator, the Superintendence del Mercado de Valores (SMV), and Chartered Institute of Securities & Investment (CISI) Chief Executive Simon Culhane in the presence of the UK's ambassador to Panama, Ian Frank Collard.


This agreement means that the CISI “will support SMV with organizing events and the promotion of the value of professionalism in the securities market, particularly as it relates to qualifications, continuing professional development (CPD), integrity and ethics”, CISI said in its statement.


CISI has “an established representative presence in Latin America, with many of its professional qualifications available via self-study in Spanish and English”, CISI said, without providing details of its representative Latin American presence, or its location.


It said the agreement will ensure that CISI’s expertise in the area of qualifications and professionalism is promoted to SMV employees, industry professionals, students, investors and the general public. Source: International investment


During the signing ceremony, Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Republic of Panama Ian Frank Collard expressed his satisfaction for the signing of this agreement which allows the further strengthening of the collaboration between the two countries.


The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) is a City of the London-based professional body for those who work in the financial and investment industry. It is a member society of the European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies.

Its mission is to set standards of conduct and ethics for participants in the securities and investments industry, and to providing qualifications for such professionals.

The CISI was formed in 1992 as the Securities Institute by the members of the London Stock Exchange. It changed its name to the Securities and Investment Institute in November 2004. It became the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment when it was granted a Royal Charter in October 2009.


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