CBSE agrees to introduce financial education in school curriculum

Category: Secondary Education,  News Source: The Economic Times,  Updated-On: Jul 17 2012


Kolkata: The Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE is likely to take the lead in introducing financial education in its post primary level curriculum after taking a leaf out of Reserve Bank of India's financial literacy goal.

RBI recognises that basic knowledge about monetary aspects play a key role in financial inclusion and inclusive growth. Imparting financial education among the masses at the early stage of a life cycle can make a real difference in a country where many do not get the opportunity to study beyond school level.

"This is true in case of girl students. One must keep it in mind that for such students, this could be the last opportunity in life to get formal inputs on financial education," RBI said in a draft guidelines on financial education released on Monday..

In step with this goal, CBSE has formed a panel to facilitate this integration.

"Financial education is important life skill. Therefore, our educational system should equip students with these necessary life skills, without which, education will be incomplete," RBI said in the draft National Strategy for Financial Education.

The banking watchdog wants integration of financial education into school curriculum instead of introduction of a separate subject.

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