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NCFM Capital Market (Dealers) Module Certification Exam

NCFM : Capital Market (Dealers) Module Certification Examination

20 Tests, 1300+ Questions
10 Unit Tests and 10 Full Length Tests

Spot market operations from dealer's perspective

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NCFM : Capital Market (Dealers) Module Certification Examination

NCFM Capital Market (Dealers) Module appears to outfit the aspirants with the useful knowledge and operational skills-sets necessary for dealers in the equity market segment. NSE's trading software can be only accessed by genuine login IDs, which is given by NSE only to the candidates who have cleared this NCFM module.

The NSE's Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM) comes as an online testing and certification process. The whole process from the creation of question papers to testing, assessing, scores reporting and certifying is completely mechanized. The purpose comes in vision to examine the useful facts and skills that are necessary to function in the financial markets.

Distribution of weights of the NCFM Capital Market (Dealers) Module Exam

Chapter No. TitleWeights(%)
1 Overview of Indian Securities Market 10
2 Trading Membership 20
3 Trading 30
4 Clearing Settlement 25
5 Legal Framework 9
6 Fundamental Valuation Concepts 6

NCFM Capital Market (Dealers) Module Certification Exam Details

Name of Module: NCFM Capital Market (Dealers) Module Certification Examination

 Test Fees 
 Test Duration  
(in minutes)
No. of
Maximum Marks  Pass Marks (%)   Certificate Validity  
(in years)
 Negative Marking 
1726 105 60 100 50 5 Not Applicable

NCFM Capital Market (Dealers) Module Certification Examination: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should one take this course?

a. To understand the capital market trading operations of NSE.

b. To understand the clearing, settlement and risk management processes.

c. To know about the eligibility criteria for seeking membership at NSE.

d. To learn the other important regulatory aspects.

2. Who will benefit from this course?

Employees of Stock Brokers and Sub-Brokers, Students, Teachers, Employees of BPO/IT Companies, Investors

Anybody having interest in the Stock market operations.

3. How long is the Certification valid?

The certificate remains valid for 5 years from the date of the test for all modules EXCEPT Derivatives Market (Dealers) Module, Commodities Market Module, Information Security Auditors Module, AMFI-Mutual Fund (Basic) Module, Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning Module, Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits Module, Investment Planning Module and Tax Planning & Estate Planning Module.Planning Module and Tax Planning & Estate Planning Module, a certificate is mailed within 30 to 40 days from the test date.

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Intelivisto features of the NCFM Capital Market Certification Practice Tests :

    Intelivisto features

  • Tests are intended as per parameters placed for NCFM online certification tests.
  • Each test has 2 attempts.
  • Tests cover the different topics outlined for Capital Market (Dealers) Module certification in small details.
  • Tests take the similar pattern and testing mechanism as set for NCFM online tests.
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How to Begin?

Here at Intelivisto, you get ready to crack NCFM Capital Market (Dealers) Module Certification Examination (NCFM CMDM Certification), NCFM Financial Markets: A Beginner's Module & NCFM Securities Market (Basic) Module, NCFM Surveillance in Stock Exchanges Certification with assurance. So, we would be happy more than to give you any assistance in your attempt to not only get the certification but also to outfit you with the necessary skills-set.

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Purchased Rs. 999 product in which i got Full length and section wise test for Capital market Module. Test pattern and syllabus was as per the main exam
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- NCFM Capital Market

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