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NISM Frequently Asked Questions

1.  I have cleared NISM Certification Examination, how soon will i receive the certificate?

If you have submitted your Income Tax Permanent Account Number (PAN) while registering for the certification exam, you would receive the NISM Certificate within two weeks of taking the examination. For non-receipt of certificate even if you have furnished your PAN number, contact the test administrator you have registered with for this examination. The respective email ids are given below:


If you have submitted any identification proof other than PAN number you would not receive NISM certificate. You would receive only a temporary mark sheet towards the end of the examination.

2.  How can I enroll for NISM, NCFM etc Certification Examination?

Competitors can enroll with any of the accompanying Test Administrators.

Login to NISM website (www.nism.com) ,go to certification, select the exam you are applying for, and make payment for successful enrollment.

Login to NCFM website (www.nseindia.com), go to education,select the exam you are applying for, and make payment for successful enrollment

After effective enrollment, competitors may choose a test center, date and time space of their choice on the Test Administrator site. Hopefuls are required to take after further directions accessible on the Test Administrator sites.

3.  For how long will my certificate be valid?

Certificate validity is for three years from the date of taking examination.

4.  Is there any possibility that I can get my NISM Certification Examinations re-evaluated?

NISM Policy on Re-assessment of performance of hopefuls showing up for Certification Examination and resolution of doubts about the questions framing a portion of such examination, assuming any.

Re-assessment of the performance of applicants showing up for Certification Examination organized by NISM (Mandatory and Non-Mandatory examination) is not allowed since the evaluation of answers, with respect to Certification Examinations questions which are in the nature of selection of one and only right reply from multiple option offered, is carried out in an objective manner by in-built system architecture created for Certification Examination with no degree for human mediation and subjectivity component.

Likewise, considering the examination structure, no revelation of the questions or potentially answers is allowed as it will violate the secrecy of the question bank, which is the substance of the examination.

In perspective of the above, no correspondence with respect to re-assessment, and so on will be entertained by NISM.

Subject to the above, request/s raised by a candidate for clarification of doubts about a question forming a portion of such examination will be considered according to the below policy.

1.  Aspirants request/s will be addressed only when he/she particularly specifies specific question or two which he/she suspects contain mistakes. Cases/to recheck more than two questions shall normally be not allowed unless substantive material is given by the competitor in the matter of why he/she considers mistakes in such questions. In no circumstances, request to recheck every question appeared in his/her examination paper shall be entertained.

2.  Request/s to reveal/examine question/s as well as their answers shall not be entertained under any circumstance as revelation of the question/s will violate the quintessence of the question bank viz. rupture the classification/secrecy of the Question bank.

3.  Just those request/s made on-the-spot (before leaving the test center) will be taken under consideration for check.

4.  At the point when a legitimate demand is received from an applicant at the test center, it should be sent by the respective TA to NISM. NISM's team will investigate if the question or answer under claim contains any mistake. In the event that it is by all appearances found that the question or answer contains a mistake, no score will be processed and therefore no score card will be issued then at the Test Center.

5.  Such matter will then be raised with the question/answer to the Committee with the subtle elements of the nature of error, the right form of the question or contested correct answer and system perceived correct answer. The Committee, after due diligence and legitimate investigation, will land at a conclusion whether the claim made by an applicant in connection to a question or answer is correct. Such conclusion will be recorded in writing and put up for formal endorsement to the authority of NISM.

6.  Score calculation, kept in cessation according to point 4, should be carried based on the endorsement according to point - 5. Such score card will then be issued to the aspirant by TA/NISM.

7.  Despite the fact that NISM attempts best endeavors and has set up a vigorous system to review its question bank intermittently, owing to persistent changes occurring radiating from dynamics of market, including products and features, and its regulatory framework, there is a probability of unintentionally getting away from updating as well as escaping indirect impact on some question/answer. Accordingly, to deal with such inevitability, the above procedure of engaging addressing request/s from the aspirants in connection to the question/answer is set up.

8.  The above policy and process will be liable to review every once in a while and shall be binding and final in connection to any claim or matter when disposed off with the endorsement of the authority of NISM.

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