Mar 02

Why Are NISM Exams So Important?

NISM, also known as the National Institute of Securities Markets, is known for improving the level of education that professionals in finance receive. Professionals who pass National Institute of Securities Markets exams are certified to perform finance-related tasks, and without NISM certification, it’s quite possible that you will be unable to get a job in the finance and securities industries. Why? Because National Institute of Securities Markets designed their tests to set the standard for the very minimum that each finance professional should know in order to be able to work in the field.

There is a very distinct need for consumers, government officials, and other professionals to be able to tell who actually is legitimately educated in the world of securities. There have been cases where thieves posed as investment professionals, made off with others’ money, and were unable to be found. By creating NISM certifications, consumers are protected against fraud. Moreover, these exams also help set a national standard in terms of the education level that people can expect from the finance professionals that are handling their money.

Without these exams, there really is no national benchmark for professional knowledge in securities. This means that people who want to work with professionals that actually are knowledgeable would have little means to distinguish the qualified professionals from those who might just be trying to make a quick buck. Employers and investors are more comfortable hiring people who have passed NISM exams, simply because it shows that they know what they are talking about and that they are actually serious about their careers.

Unlike many other certifications that you could get, NISM exams have the distinct difference of being backed by government sponsorship. It is one of the few organizations that were actually put forth at the recommendation of the Finance Minister, and it also has the added benefit of being established for several years. Passing NISM exams is soon, if it isn’t already, going to become a legal prerequisite for people who want to work in the finance field.

Another reason why NISM exams are so important is because they are the first certification exams to focus on securities in an objective manner. If you are concerned about passing your NISM exams, don’t be. NISM has developed easy to read study guides, courses, and help kits for those who want to get certified through one of their many tests. Since NISM exams are designed to be a series of cut-and-dry, easy to score standardized tests, you don’t have to worry about subjective scoring.

Make no mistake about it; passing your NISM exams is an important step to becoming a well-rounded professional. Having a NISM certification shows consumers that you know what you are talking about, and that you will handle their financial needs in a professional manner. If you want to work in securities, start studying! With a little effort, you will be able to pass your NISM exams in no time flat.