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Australian Stock Market is one of the most capitalised and well developed Stock Market in the world. The Market capitalisation of the Australian stock market is around A$1.9 trillion. The headquarters of the Australian stock market is situated in Sydney.

If you want live updates of ASX 200, click below:

MCX is India's leading exchange for trading all types of commodities. MCX is open for trading during five days of the week. MCX is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. MCX is also closed on Holidays.

India has lots of Holidays due to various festivals and people enjoy it a lot.

Click below to choose your favorite holiday from the list.
SGX Nifty is a derivative product listed in Singapore Stock Exchange. This index is traded in Futures contract segment in the Singapore stock market. This SGX Futures is based on Nifty Futures contract of India.

This index is composed of 50 large-cap companies of National stock Exchange of India. This Index is the weighted average of these 50 companies.

Singapore Stock Exchange supports trading of various international stock indices and SGX nifty is one of them. The timing of trading in Singapore nifty is very suitable in Asia.

What are your views on the trend of SGX Nifty for the upcoming years?

If you don't know much about SGX Nifty, Click the link below

NYSE(New York Stock Exchange) is the leading exchange for trading Stocks, Bonds, Futures and Options in the United States of America. NYSE is open for trading during five days of the week. It remains closed on weekends.

Trading holidays are a very good opportunity to study your previous trades and make improvements to what you have done wrong. Trading is a psychological game and you have to improve your mindset in order to be profitable. You should get a break from trading at regular intervals to keep your mind fresh. NYSE Holidays are a very good opportunity to relax and take a break.

It is a very common question that a new trader always thinks. When a new trader enters the market, they think that they have to be always involved in trading to generate good profit. So they try to get bored from during a trading holiday.

Trading is a very serious business and you get very tired of managing trades all the time. So try to spend a trading holiday in a good manner so that you get relaxed and always trying to spend your time with your family.

Click the link below to find out the NYSE Holidays of 2020

Intraday Trading is a form of trading the financial markets in which Buying and Selling of security are completed on the same trading day. The main goal of the day trader is to make a profit from short term trading moves from the price of the security.

Intraday trading is very famous among the new traders because it is very fascinating for the trader to book profit in stock within a day and not to worry about the overnight risks.

For know more details about Intraday trading, click here...
Beldex Coin is a cryptocurrency which is based on blockchain technology. The transaction of Beldex Coin cryptocurrency is very secure. The symbol of the Beldex Coin is BDX.

If we talk about the consumption of time and energy, Beldex Coin takes way less time and energy than the bitcoin to complete the transaction.
If you wanna know more about Beldex, click below


After reading that, please tell me, Should I invest in Beldex for the long term?
Rediff Money is a financial website (subsite) of rediff.com. This website contains all essential financial data about various stocks of the Indian stock market.

It gives all the segment-wise details of Indian stock market. It provides real-time charts of various charts and indices of the Indian stock market.

If you don't know much about Rediff Money, click the link below


After knowing about Rediff money, please tell me
Is it a good website?
If you want to know about the Indian Stock Market and its future trends, you can read it on the following phenomenol post

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