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CS is written by meiguodaixie technology, the main courses probably include data structure, computer composition principle, operating system, computing principle, assembler language, computer interface technology, network principle, etc. Wait, of course there is C/C++/Java programming language. In short, it is a course that emphasizes both hardware and software.

ou can learn high-level languages from basic principles. You may find that you have learned a lot after graduation, but most of them are not very deep, because there is still a lot to learn. Of course, there are also the most professional subjects in the postgraduate entrance examination. . .
If you choose to graduate with a bachelor's degree, most people are low-level programmers. Work hard step by step. However, finding a job is not difficult because there are too many corresponding industries, such as communications, software, the Internet, and even banking and education. Computer students in almost all industries can participate.
With the advent of the era of big data, more and more students have begun to pay attention to statistics, which has also caused a surge in the workload of statistics writing
academicsaviour . In order to let students avoid detours when choosing a major, let's talk to students about the statistics major. Statistics is a part of applying math.

It is based on probability theory, through mathematical modeling of collected data, scientific inference and planning of the trend and law of event development. Due to the universality of statistics, its statistical methods are also widely used in social surveys, business development laws, and various fields of production and life.

With the development of statistics in various disciplines, statistics itself has made great progress, and great achievements have been made in discipline construction, and its application scope is also expanding.
Where should the focus of the study abroad document be
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Before discussing the key points of studying abroad documents, let's first look at some common errors. The most common mistake is to discuss famous historical figures. It is certainly feasible to use Shi Mingzhi when writing ordinary articles, but the admissions officers who review the documents for studying abroad have a very deep academic background and cultural background, and it is no different to discuss these issues with them. It’s hard to get a positive evaluation from the admissions officer because of the "class-men's axe." Therefore, when writing study abroad documents, you should focus on the interpretation of "self", introduce your own advantages and strengths, and conduct an in-depth analysis of yourself, so as to enhance the admissions officer’s favorability towards applicants. , Thereby increasing the admission rate.
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