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It's good that you decided to look for a company right away, and not a specific programmer, because this will be much more reliable than if it is one person. Try to search on the Internet , then you will find out everything and the search will go much easier
It's a good idea, and I think you should start doing it as soon as possible. You can search for information about creating software on the Internet, there are definitely specialists who will make it for you
shopify is one of the most versatile and best-known platforms for selling your product and services, so you made the right choice, your site can be made and improved only by those people who have already been engaged in such activities, you should search the Internet for information on this about
You can create an electronic wallet to which all payments will come, and only then, in many such wallets, there is a function that will allow you to convert your money into another currency, this is a great option, I think
I love such mysterious gifts, it looks interesting, because no one knows what will be inside, but I love it. I saw most of these boxes on the Internet, you can find them on aliexpress, there are a lot of such boxes
Moving needs to be planned in advancebecause it is a very time-consuming process. Most of the things can be translated independently, and most things can already be entrusted to carrier companies
If you had the strength to develop such a program yourself, then you should find the strength to fully test it and bring it to perfection, you can even not contact anyone. But if you don't have time for this, then contact some company that will help you in this matter
If promotion is required in your cleaning company, then it would be better if you took up advertising, because it will be several times more effective than creating your own application from scratch, if you make competent advertising, then there will be several times more customers
Brenton (IV08670601) wrote:Now the announcements about NFT-metaVERSE-blockchain-games are regularly released, which attracted millions of dollars in billions in millions of dollars, but when studying projects there are either the COMING SOON dies, or the sale of NFT tokens, or centralized projects from Homeopathic doses of blockchain. Therefore, it is better to contact experienced developers.

Of course, in such a situation there is very little you can do on your own, so it's better to turn to those people who can do this work for him, but you will have to pay a lot of money for it, most likely, and this is the saddest thing, but the main thing is that the work is done qualitatively
You should look for a developer yourself, because it would be best if you could meet in person. If you want to find an employee on the Internet, then it will not be difficult, since there are a huge number of offers on the labor market, you will clearly be able to find a suitable one for yourself
I can't advise you on specific people who will be able to do this work, but I can say that the choice of blockchain as a system will attract the audience quite a lot, because it is a reliable system with which you can work closely, since the rights of buyers are reliably protected. As far as I know, there are many places where you can find such specialists now, you just have to search, you can make an announcement, you can search for yourself, you can find on the site where people offer their services, I am sure that soon you will find something
To begin with, try to play some nft games yourself, because you need to first understand exactly whether you need it or not, and only then think about the concept of the game, if you have definitely decided. But it will cost a lot of money to launch such a project, so you need to calculate everything correctly, and be sure to take into account all the risks, because the project may not bring you a good income, think over a marketing campaign
luisTR (IV08018801) wrote:Before buying software, it's a good idea to compare the options offered by different companies. If this is not done, then there is a risk of choosing the wrong one. What do you think?

Of course, in fact, it is, because you need to choose the best and most suitable for you, and only then start working with it. I advise you to think very carefully about the choice, because then there may be problems on this topic. And it will be even better if you consult with a person who will advise you and advise the best option!
Keven (IV08915801) wrote:Nowadays, there are many different development teams offering their services on the Internet. And many of them take on startups! The main thing is that you have a clearly articulated startup idea and investors. In order not to assemble a development team yourself, use the services https://digitalsuits.co/services/custom-software-development-for-startups/ of a team consisting of the best programmers who will bring your idea to life.

The main disadvantage of such templates is that everyone can safely use them, and the individuality of the site may be lost, so I do not advise you to use such templates, it is better to develop something of your own, but the plus will be that only you will have such a unique website design
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