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Maxwell Frost to be first Gen Z member of Congress

"We made history for Floridians, for Gen Z, and for everyone who believes we deserve a better future."

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This is what a win sounds like for Maxwell Frost, who - at 25 - is the US Congress' first representative of Generation Z.

Within minutes of the projected win, his celebration on Twitter was gathering rampant endorsement.

For starters, his presence in the House of Representatives stands to lower Congress' median age - the highest in two decades - by quite a lot. Baby boomers dominate and millennials represent barely 6% of the body.

"I am more than thankful for the opportunity to represent my home in the United States Congress," Mr Frost wrote.

His win was not unexpected - after all he ran in Florida's reliably liberal 10th district.

And his campaign focused on the issues Democrats believe appeal to young voters - gun violence, climate change, abortion rights and expanded healthcare.

Four days before the midterm elections, Maxwell Alejandro Frost explained that he became an organiser (remember that word - that's how a certain Barack Obama began his political career) because he "did not want to be shot at school".

He became an activist after the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012.

In the run-up to his congressional campaign, Mr Frost served as the national organising director for March for Our Lives - a group that seeks gun control.

After the shooting that left 21 people dead at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, on 24 May, Mr Frost challenged Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis over his views on weapons.
Cardiff head teacher who faced racism fights for change

One of Wales' ethnic minority head teachers has told of the racism she has experienced in her career in a bid to bring about change.

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Reena Patel said she was called racist names by children when working as a supply teacher in Wales.

She said she was previously turned down for a head teacher job and told she "didn't reflect the community".

She has begun work to make her school anti-racist, starting with training for its predominantly white teachers.

Nine in 10 of the 480 children at her school, Kitchener Primary in Cardiff, are from an ethnic minority. However all but one of its teachers are white.

"The term white privilege makes you feel threatened, it makes you feel you are being racist and it's not," said Mrs Patel, who is one of just five head teachers in Wales from an ethnic minority.

"When you work in a diverse school you do think you're anti-racist automatically because you feel that you do understand our children's needs, but it is important to reflect on your own privileges…

"They [her teachers] believe that they're anti-racist and being part of an ethnic minority group myself, I'm quite sensitive hearing certain things that happen."

She added: "It's no-one's fault but I'm quite sensitive to it so I know that maybe when you are of white heritage you may not believe that certain obstacles are there for our children.

"It can be as small as putting in an application form, that's really difficult for some of our families, and it's important to understand that you may not understand those obstacles but people who look like me do."
Ystradgynlais pub forced to shut by heavy rain

A pub has been forced to close temporarily after it was hit by flash floods caused by heavy rainfall.

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Staff at the Aubrey Arms in Ystradgynlais, Powys, said the floodwater started flowing in on Wednesday evening.

A yellow weather warning is in place for Thursday, with more heavy rain and thunderstorms in south and west Wales.

Later on Thursday, South Wales Police warned people to stay away from the A474 in Neath because of flooding.

The force warned Mile End Row from Castle Bingo to the Esso garage was under water, while South Wales Fire and Rescue Service said it was dealing with flooding in homes on St Catherine's Close.

Swansea council has also cancelled its annual firework display on Saturday because of the weather forecast.

Hans Erive, the operations director of Red Dragon pubs, which owns the Aubrey Arms, said: "Around six o'clock it just opened up, we just had this massive rainfall come through."

"Our drains were blocked up. Next thing you know the road was blocked and cars were getting stuck in front of our car park."

He said as the floodwater is suspected to have come from deluged sewers there would be an extensive clean-up operation ahead.
Prison job advert banned for racial stereotyping

A prison job advert showing a black inmate and a white officer has been banned due to racial stereotyping.

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The Ministry of Justice's (MoJ) paid-for Facebook ad showed "an imbalanced power dynamic", the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled.

This reinforced a negative stereotype based on the association between black men and criminal activity, it said.

The MoJ had argued the campaign showed photos of real officers and prisoners, and the type of engagement they have.

But the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) found the advert was "likely to cause serious offence on the grounds of race, by reinforcing negative stereotypes about black men".

It ruled that the advert must not appear again in this form and told the MoJ to ensure it avoided causing serious offence on the grounds of race.

The advert, aimed at recruiting prison officers and other roles, had appeared on Facebook in May, June and August 2022.

The inmate is shown wearing an afro pick comb in his hair.

The ASA said this was "a tool we understood was uniquely associated with black culture".

The advert's caption referred to prison officers as "problem solvers" and "life changers".

"We considered it drew a link between the officer depicted and those attributes," the ASA report said.

"On the other hand, the black prisoner was depicted as a criminal, without those positive attributes," it said.
The truth about food courier pay

A rise in the popularity of app-based food delivery companies has led to an increasingly competitive food courier workforce, a new BBC documentary has found.

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Life in the Fast-Food Lane follows three food couriers as they embark on delivery shifts across Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield.

Food couriers are generally self-employed meaning they only get paid for the deliveries they make and do not get paid a guaranteed hourly wage.

Henry Dean, 23, works full-time as an apprentice in Liverpool but also delivers food on his bicycle for Deliveroo in the evenings.

He said: "Deliveroo is something I do on a weekend to supplement the income I make from work, which as an apprentice is quite a low wage. I tend to use it [the Deliveroo income] for food shopping."

At the firm Mr Dean is self-employed and can earn several pounds for each delivery he makes, with longer journeys earning him more.

During filming, Henry was on shift for two-and-a-half-hours and delivered four orders.

He made £18 in that time, which equates to £7.20 per hour, below the UK National Living Wage of £9.50 an hour.

His first order of the night took him 25 minutes to complete and earned him £3.42, which was the smallest fee he received all evening.

Later another delivery paid £6.96, his largest fee of the night, and also took 25 minutes.
Call to make thousands of poppies for fort display

People are being asked to create 5,500 poppies to form a cascade down a sea fort as part of a remembrance tribute.

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Made from the bottoms of plastic bottles, the poppies will cover the entrance to Nothe Fort in Weymouth on Dorset's Jurassic Coast.

A free workshop for making the poppies is being held on Saturday at the Salvation Army shop in Westham Road.

Messages and names of loved ones who have served in the armed forces can be added to the poppies in their honour.

The art installation is being put together by We Are Weymouth, arts organisation Houseworks Dorset CIC, Weymouth & Portland Marine Litter Project and Nothe Fort.

The team behind the project are also asking people to donate one or two litre plastic bottles - the ones with "a bumpy bottom" to create the red flowers.

Jye Dixey, of We Are Weymouth, said: "With such a military history here in Weymouth we really wanted to do something within the community to commemorate remembrance.
Art teacher aims to paint over 300 Leicestershire churches

An art teacher has said she aims to paint all 310 of the churches in her local diocese to raise awareness of their beauty.

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Hayley Fern began capturing the churches across Leicestershire in watercolour during the school holidays last year.

Since then, she has painted pictures of 56 of the buildings.

"A few people have suggested that it might become a book, which would be absolutely amazing," she said.

Mrs Fern, 48, from Hugglescote, said: "I started off just drawing my local church, and then I drew the cathedral.

"It was part of embracing the local area, raising awareness of the beautiful churches, and it just became a lovely way of talking to people and meeting people."

Mrs Fern, who teaches at Rawlins Academy, said she has found most of the sittings, which last for around two hours, to be very peaceful.

"Even in a busy town or village it can be the most peaceful part," she said.

"Once you've settled into it, it's a good two hours of drawing and painting, so it could almost be described as meditative.

"I really do get in the zone, forget everything and just focus on the church; it's lovely."

Mrs Fern, who puts her pictures on social media, said she had been inundated with interest from art lovers, both locally and from around the world.
Bristol councillors vote for inquiry into social media checks

Councillors want an independent inquiry after council staff monitored parents of children with special educational needs on social media.

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It emerged over the summer Bristol City Council officers watched the accounts of parents for posts critical of the authority.

A report published in September cleared the Labour-controlled council of wrongdoing.

But on Tuesday councillors voted for an independent inquiry to be launched.

Labour insisted the initial investigation absolving the council had been "genuine".

Several months' worth of tweets were collected by council staff to use as evidence that two parents running a charity receiving local government money had been "campaigning" against the council, the Local Democracy Reporting Service reported.

The parents were part of the Bristol Parent Carer Forum (BPCF), which advocated for better services for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Officers collected and shared a dossier of critical social media posts, cross-referencing anonymous Twitter accounts with private Facebook wedding photos.

Two of the parents involved told councillors they felt "humiliated" by senior council staff.

In July, council chiefs withdrew support for BPCF receiving government funding, but insisted the decision had nothing to do with the social media monitoring.
Conservatives should cease civil war, Andrew RT Davies says

The Conservative party should cease its "internal civil war" over its leadership, the leader of the Welsh Conservatives has said.

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Andrew RT Davies said he backed Liz Truss and called on her to "map out the vision that she has... to secure her tenure".

Meanwhile, Tory MP Jamie Wallis renewed his call for the prime minister to go.

He said it would be the best way for the public to be served, and said he knew it could lead to an election.

Ahead of expected boundary changes - the Bridgend MP said if there was an election today he would not be putting his name forward.

Pressure is mounting on the prime minister after her chancellor scrapped most of her mini-budget.

New Chancellor Jeremy Hunt gave an emergency statement reversing Kwasi Kwarteng's tax cutting package after insisting Ms Truss was still in charge of the government.

Welsh Labour ministers accused the UK government of being in "chaos".

Mr Davies said it was "vitally important that the government get a grip of the situation".

"The Conservative party now needs to come to its senses, cease this internal civil war that's going on, and rise to the challenge and the privilege that this country has given it of being in government in Westminster and delivering for people across this country."

He told BBC Radio Wales Breakfast that, after six weeks in office, it was time for the prime minister to "step forward and define herself because many of the early decisions that have been taken by the current government have obviously proved problematic, especially with keeping confidence in the markets".
Beyond Meat executive exits after biting incident

The Beyond Meat executive who was accused of biting a man's nose is leaving the vegan food company.

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The US firm, known for its plant-based burgers, had suspended Douglas Ramsey, then chief operating officer, indefinitely after the incident.

His departure comes amid a broader shake-up at the company, which is struggling with faltering demand for fake meat.

The firm also said it was axing 200 staff, about 20% of its workforce.

"We believe our decision to reduce personnel and expenses throughout the company, including our leadership group, reflects an appropriate right-sizing of our organization given current economic conditions," Beyond Meat boss Ethan Brown said.

"We remain confident in our ability to deliver on the long-term growth and impact expected from our global brand."

Beyond Meat, which started selling its plant-based food in 2012, has blamed cost-of-living pressures for pushing shoppers to less expensive options, including traditional meat.

The company has also seen its edge eroded by a wealth of new competitors, including from food giants such as Kellogg and Tyson Foods.

Executives warned investors on Friday that sales this year are likely to fall 9% to 14% compared to 2021.
Marks & Spencer speeds up store closure plans

Marks & Spencer is speeding up a shake-up of its stores with 67 of its bigger shops to shut within five years.

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The closures are part of previously announced plans to axe 110 main stores as part of a big overhaul under its previous chief executive Steve Rowe.

But the retailer is now aiming to complete the changes faster than it had originally planned.

Marks & Spencer also said it will be opening 104 new Simply Food stores.

In a presentation to investors, M&S chief executive Stuart Machin said the retailer aims to have 180 "full-line" shops selling food, clothing and homeware products by early 2028, down from 247. That's one in four stores.

The 67 to close were "lower productivity, full line stores."

The company wants fewer but better main stores, as shoppers spend more online, as well as to expand its food business.

M&S wants to try to achieve these changes in three years instead of five.

It said stores which have already relocated to newer, more modern sites are performing strongly.

Mr Machin said: "We are creating a fit-for-the-future store estate, with shops in great locations, that help our customers shop the way they want to.

"We're seeing strong performances from our recently relocated stores and this gives us the confidence to go faster in our rotation plans, while at the same time investing in bigger and better food stores," he said.

Many Simply Food stores will reopen in the same area or location as sites earmarked for closure.
Tenby school fire: Manorbier pupils evacuated after blaze

A primary school has been closed and all pupils have been evacuated following a fire.

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The fire at Manorbier School, in Tenby, Pembrokeshire, broke out on Monday morning and parents were asked to collect their children.

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service said the fire had been extinguished, but had destroyed a large section of the roof.

Pembrokeshire council said all pupils and staff were safe and well.

The council said it was too early to speculate on the cause of the fire, adding that all children would learn online from Tuesday.

The fire service said an area of roof, about 20m (66ft) by 20m, had been destroyed, with the school suffering "considerable damage".

Adjoining buildings sustained some damage, with a spokeswoman adding: "Crews main activities involved firefighting and prevention of escalation to other buildings."

All firefighters have now left the scene, with responsibility passed to the local authority.

A council spokesman said: "Pembrokeshire County Council is aware of a fire at Manorbier Church in Wales VC School and can confirm that all children and staff are safe.
Jury finds former Uber security chief guilty of concealing data breach

A San Francisco jury has found Uber Technologies Inc's former chief security officer Joseph Sullivan guilty of criminal obstruction for failing to report a 2016 cybersecurity incident to the authorities, a spokesperson from the Department of Justice confirmed on Wednesday.

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Sullivan, who was fired from Uber in 2017, was found guilty on two counts, namely obstruction of justice and deliberate concealment of felony.

"Sullivan affirmatively worked to hide the data breach from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and took steps to prevent the hackers from being caught," said Stephanie Hinds, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of California.

The case pertains to a breach at Uber's systems that affected data of 57 million passengers and drivers. The company did not disclose the incident for a year.

In July, Uber accepted responsibility for covering up the breach and agreed to cooperate with the prosecution of Sullivan over his alleged role in concealing the hacking, as part of a settlement with U.S. prosecutors to avoid criminal charges.

Sullivan's lawyer David Angeli and the FTC did not immediately respond to Reuters' requests for comment.

Sullivan was originally indicted in September 2020. Prosecutors had said at the time he arranged to pay the hackers $100,000 in bitcoin and had them sign nondisclosure agreements that falsely stated they had not stolen data.
Russia isolated after backlash over annexed Ukraine regions

Russia was even more diplomatically isolated Saturday (Oct 1) after President Vladimir Putin annexed four areas of Ukraine, with Kyiv condemning the move and vowing to retake the territories.

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Putin staged a grand ceremony in the Kremlin on Friday to celebrate the annexation, hours after shelling killed 30 people in Ukraine's southern region of Zaporizhzhia.

"I want to say this to the Kyiv regime and its masters in the West: People living in Lugansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia are becoming our citizens forever," Putin said.

Washington announced "severe" new sanctions against Russian officials and the defence industry, and said G7 allies support imposing "costs" on any nation that backs the annexation.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy immediately urged the US-led military alliance NATO to grant his country fast-track membership.

He also vowed never to hold talks with Russia as long as Putin was in power.

US President Joe Biden condemned Friday's ceremony in Moscow as a "sham routine" and pledged to continue backing Kyiv.
Curfew declared after looting

A curfew has been declared in Lee County, including in the city of Fort Myers.

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The curfew began at 18:00e "until further notice", the county said in an online post.

The declaration came after storm conditions hampered the ability of Fort Myers police to respond to reports of looting at a petrol station.

"It will be enforced by law enforcement," Lee County Manager Roger Desjarlais said in a news conference on Wednesday evening.

He added that there will be a "zero tolerance policy for looting and violence in this town".

Earlier he said that the Fort Myers community "has been - to some extent - decimated", but it is too early to assess the "extreme damage to the area".
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