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looking at upgrading. my lighting on my 2016 blizzard 900 ace revxs. I have narrowed it downed to either the beamtech H4 or SII company H4. The SII is about twice the price of the Beamtech but comes with 5 year warranty. Still trying to figure out which Beamtech H4 is the correct one for my machine there are about 5 different models. Sent and email to Beamtech customer services to try to get an anger from them waiting for a response. Anyone recently purchased either of these for a REVXS chassis and installed them. Also what did people do about the dust covers did they just cut and modify there existing ones or purchase larger dust covers for the LED lights.
I've done a successful shallow dive (kid-wise) into Indian recipes and have a decent rotation that everyone likes. I'd like to do the same for Mexican food recipes but not necessarily Tex-Mex or Cali-Mex, etc.

Does anyone have a favorite cook/chef they follow?
Ubnt's SunMax products look very interesting. This could definitely solve some interesting problems.

But where do we get the solar panel and from? Is this a 3rd party purchase, or does Ubnt sell one?

If 3rd party, does anyone have a recommendation of a product that works well?

Ubiquiti is great at solving end-to-end problems, but this solar product seems like only part of the solution. I'm not clear on the solar panel and battery piece.

I'm new in FreeBSD and I'm trying to set up a Samba server and access it via Windows 11. I have a VMware FreeBSD 13 machine, and I have already installed the Samba 413. I did a lot of research and reading but could not find a solution. When I do: "service samba_server status" I get:
nmbd is running as pid: xxx
smbd is running as pid: xxx
winbindd is running as pid: xxx

The running of "testparam" is also Ok, and I don't see any problems.
I can see the FreeBSD Machine in my Network (from Windows 11), but when I double click or try "Map network drive..." I cannot access it. I'm doing something wrong, but I cannot figure out what. A helping hand would be great if you had some experience with FreeBSD and Samba.

Ps: I was able to do this in Ubuntu and access the files and the folder without any problem using Samba. But in FreeBSD I'm stuck, or have hit a wall
Those who are good at this stuff, this guy needs his own gif or meme. Go to the 2:20 mark, dude completely loses it. Loses it more as the video goes.

I have seen a lot of online communities selling physical and digital items. I have not done this yet but I am considering to sell physical and digital products through my online communities. Have you done this?

I wish to sell following items:

Ebooks: I have published ebooks on various platforms, including Amazon and my personal website, and made good sales. I intend to sell ebooks through my online communities.

Courses: I have created a few courses (mini guides) and publish them on my website. I have also managed to sell these courses in the past. Therefore, I am thinking to start selling courses through my forums.

Digital art: I have also tried selling digital arts on various platforms but never sold any pieces, and I will also like to try this option on my community.
A lot of variable rain in this area this growing season . Where there was just barely enough to get a decent crop here you can see the huge variance in soil type and moisture holding capacity of the soil in the wheat stubble more than I have ever seen it .
Need to get a drone shot . You can see it big time in at least a 10 mile radius here in everyone’s wheat stubble . The differences fade as you go NW as moisture was more available to carry the crop to finish . We seen some last year for sure but it was of course just a few low spots in a drought year .
Combination of a very good wheat stand in early July then the taps turning off for 20 days is extremely evident this year .
Uh I'm trying to get passed a quest and I have to wait like 30 mins to get 100
Like huh
I have liked some of the country song Aaron Lewis has put out in last few years. But this new song is bad A$$ and spot on. Give it a listen!
As per the title, what's your favourite video game of all time?
and i am almost fucking mad i didnt leave that lifesucking company years ago. i simply can NOT believe how well this company takes care of it's people. i am not going to go into details other to say i am absolutely FLOORED to the effort they go through to take care of their people. i keep waiting to wake up from the dream i'm having....praying that i dont.

my point? i know there are a LOT of people out there eating shit sandwiches and have been for years. do NOT be afraid to seek employment elsewhere.

and if anyone here is looking for employment in the telecommunications buisness (plow, aerial, bore crews and splicing/maintenance) and has experience, let me know and i will do my best to put you in touch with these folks. like i said....i wish i would have found these folks years ago....but am elated that i did now.

i feel like a guy that was trapped in a marriage with a vicious sea hag who escaped and was scooped up by centerfold and is now living his life smiling himself to death. hang in there folks!!
Just a heads up. My computer is capable of being updated to Win11 OS and I have the "invite" via Microsoft updates.

I did a bit of compatibility checking before going ahead and discovered the Eizo calibration software is not capable of working with Win11 yet. From the Eizo website:

"We highly recommend not using a PC installed with Microsoft Windows 11 for the time being"

So if you use an Eizo monitor, best leave the update for now.
I've been diving into the world of fabrics lately, and the question of whether cotton and polyester stretch has been on my mind too.
HI all

helping out a friend to find out about starting lawyer salary nowadays, and what sort of progression she can expect once she gets in.

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