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I feel a certain type of way regarding this, just want some professional feedback.
I recently got a new healthcare plan as I turned 26 and got a new job with pretty decent coverage. I needed to find a dentist where I now live as I'm off my parent's insurance plan and no longer live with them.
I went to the same hygienist for 17 years. No issues, no aesthetic dentistry, no repair work. I go to this new dentist, and the first appointment I see they say I have 2 cavities and need to pay whatever the cost...which is fine. It's only 2 cavities that are not too deep.
The part that annoys me is the first time I go into your office you find additional work that needs to be done and pay additional costs.
Is this common practice to find work to be done when it's not necessary? Should I get another opinion? My brushing consistency/flossing/smoking hasn't changed, if not gotten better in the past couple of years. I just want to know if maybe they are sheisty or swindling me. I obviously know they know way more about my teeth than they do. My hesitation with the fillings is that they are permanent.
We are going to integrate bitcoin miner heat output (a Bitmain S9, in this case) into our HVAC air return. The general thought is that it will accomplish two things: One, it will constantly “drip” heat into our HVAC system, which should, in theory, constantly push a low volume of warm air into the house without spinning up the HVAC system, and two, when the heating system and HVAC fans spin up, our miner should supplement the heat production of our heating system, requiring less energy use (gas in our case).Of course, a home miner can use a new-generation machine for the same purposes I’m detailing above, but for the sake of accessibility and startup cost, I adore the older generation S9 as a tool for learning and tinkering. They are physically robust, easy to acquire and can be run on your standard 110-volt electric system while tuned with Braiins firmware for greater control.
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Hello all,

I was trying to connect a bluetooth device to my computer and I keep getting the message, "You need to fix your Microsoft account for apps on your other devices to be able to launch apps and continue experiences on this device".

I have had this irritating message pop up for months and I think it is due to having a bootleg copy of Windows on my computer. I think it is now blocking me from adding other bluetooth devices.

Can this be fixed? Do I need to get another copy of Windows...or buy a legit copy? Does anyone know of someone who could install a new version of Windows 10 and back everything up?

Hello everyone!!!
I'm a homemaker.I'm being engaged with a lot of households works daily. I had a tight schedule which makes me care less about my skin. But last day I noticed about the changes occurring in my face. I'm too disappointed by this. The tautness around the jaw, under the eyes, on the cheeks and forehead have changed.
I shared my situation with one my friends and she told about me this fractora skin treatment. I searched a lot and found these service providers offering this skin treatment. Does anyone here have any idea about this? If yes please do share your experience.
I think i was posting in the wrong forum before for my online content but anyway…. all that matters go on ONLYFANS!
The initial consultation is a great opportunity to discuss your goals and expectations with the professionals. As for personal experiences, I haven't gone through tattoo removal myself, but I've heard that it can vary depending on factors like tattoo size and ink type. Patience and consistency are key throughout the process. Have you considered underarm whitening treatment? It's another way to enhance your confidence and feel great about yourself. Best of luck on your tattoo removal journey, and I hope you achieve the results you're aiming for!
Jobs where people are paid for a full-time job but in reality do a couple of hours work a week or less.
I've had a couple of these in my life.
I was there just so the company could charge the company they're contracted to for another man on the job. I literally just swept the same little area 3 times a day for 20 minutes, even though it was clean, and got paid an 8 hour shift 5 days a week. The rest of the day I stood there looking at my phone.
Happens in most industries I expect.
I'd be interested to hear if anyone has any suggestions for topics for vet videos on TikTok... could be Greyhound specific or not and if you find any of the videos helpful. Early on I could only do 60 second videos but was eventually allowed to go up to 3 minutes.
If you have time, let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions. Thanks!

Here is my most recent discussion on euthanasia:
Here is a link to all the videos:
Anyone have Botox ??? Wife looking for some, are other source dried up
thanks in advance

RICK ROCK nice to see your still here bro !!
Sup! Similarly to UEP, I always wanted another VGM focused pack to come out after VGMP 4 and all the wonderful charts that came with it- This is exactly that! On a smaller scale of course, but this meets that goal nonetheless. Within this pack, you’ll find 79 well crafted charts, all packaged up with amazing GFX sets mostly by Mollocephalus and others.

I’ve apologized a few times already, but I want to extend one last apology to the EVGP server, including both judges and those who submitted. I lost a fair amount of drive for charting and pack projects as a whole, and I should have recognized that burn out much sooner than I did. Regardless of that, I still made sure that this pack would release in as best of form as I could make it; I hope that effort shows in the charts on display.

Much like VGMP 4 though, we left a few goodies hanging out within some folders of the pack. If you look hard enough you might be able to find the remaining charts!

GFX - Jole, Kraezymann for his initial work, Mollocephalus for basically everything else (this pack wouldn’t be out without him lol)

Judging / QA - Zeta, theropfather, Dour, Windoze

Charters (in no particular order) -
Curious Gorge

Before I go, here’s a trailer for the pack by Zeta!

How often do the flight attendants come around with drinks and snacks. Flying St. Louis to vegas and vegas to Hawaii. More worried about the 6 hour flight to Hawaii.
So our employer wanted to give all the employees a prepaid gift card. I cant figure out a way to record it. I don't think I can use the Payroll window for this, I'm pretty sure I have to use either the general journal or the purchase journal it. But what expense account would I use? Do i have to record that the employees receive extra income?(each gift card was about $100.00)
Job security is a real concern among aging employees in the workplace but there's a discreet trend among men who want to stay competitive in today's tightening job market.It's called Brotox. That's right, botox for men.
Whether it's men trying to stay relevant in their current workplace or older men trying to re-enter the workforce, brotox seems to piercing all industries.
Just this week, former vice president Joe Biden's appearance at the second Democratic debate in Detroit had many voters raising their eyebrows about the 76-year old's new look . . .
kung key ito try mo windows 10 pro


tapos activate mo na lang using digital license

ito try mo
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