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Cons of an open relationship
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Derrek (IV07861601)

Messages: 25

At any moment the relationship will end
Remember such a thing that at any moment a relationship without obligations can come to an end. But the reasons are different, and usually one of the partners begins his journey towards a serious relationship, but with another partner. And as often happens, such communication is interrupted instantly and without explanation. That is, today, you communicated, and tomorrow you already seem to be strangers to each other.

There is a possibility that one partner is in love
Not a very obvious minus, but, nevertheless, if an open relationship is without encumbrance to each other, then if one of the partners is in love, then this can break your heart and hurt you a lot. Well, that is, after parting, you will have to suffer greatly if it was you who were in love.

No hope of developing a serious relationship
This is a continuation of the point above. If we assume you have a relationship without obligations, and you are in love with a partner, then leave the illusion that the relationship can develop into something serious. Theoretically, this is possible, but it is very rare. So drop all your illusions, be realistic.

Gotta be secretive
If you have an open relationship, then, unfortunately, you will not be able to talk about it left and right, and Instagram will be filled with photos without your partner.
Zaza Green (IV07180101)

Messages: 74

An open relationship is not for me, although I can get into relationships for one night.
Lavarda (IV07136501)

Messages: 43

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Loykey (IV07386001)

Messages: 8

Modern life is so different. It also affects relationships. I don't think that open relationships is something bad. All it depends on you and your partner, your needs and so on. If you want know more about love, relationships and improve your personal life, I recommend to read such blogs like https://openscience-forum.com. There are many useful information.
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