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Working principle and components of high temperature experimental furnace
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wyb2020 (IV06962501)

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Working principle and components of high temperature experimental furnace

To understand the working principle and components of high temperature experimental furnace, we will answer the following questions according to the above two points:

1. The working principle of high-temperature experimental furnace: using electricity as the heat source, the electric energy is transformed into heat energy through the electric heating element, and the metal is heated in the furnace. Resistance furnace and flame ratio, high thermal efficiency, up to 50-80 ?, thermal system is easy to control, good working conditions, long furnace life, suitable for the heating of demanding workpieces.

2. Components: the furnace shell is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate folded and welded, the working room is made of high-quality silicon carbide refractory, and the high-quality insulation material is used as the insulation layer between the furnace and the furnace shell. In order to reduce the heat loss at the furnace mouth and improve the temperature uniformity in the furnace, a heat shield made of high-quality refractory material is installed inside the furnace door.

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ZakCrawley (IV07514201)

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Heating contractors can explain its principle really well because they have studied deep about it.
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