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Did you want to change your citizenship?
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cavin1987 (IV07519401)

Messages: 16

Did you want to change your citizenship? I am interested in your opinion
fasar (IV07518801)

Messages: 13

Key Takeaways. Giving up U.S. citizenship means giving up all benefits, such as voting rights, government protection should you need help while abroad, and citizenship for children born outside the United States.
garaner (IV07519201)

Messages: 13

Certainly! I dream of becoming a Canadian citizen and hope that my dream will come true in the near future. I think Canada will give me the opportunity to become a wealthy person and make a successful career. i immigrated to canada last year and thanks to https://www.livinimmigration.ca/ immigration consultant edmonton the immigration process was quick and easy for me. I am glad that I found this company and I guarantee their professionalism
mURTYbOLS (IV09067101)

Messages: 7

You know, your question is reasonable. Once I saw a man asking who would like to change nationality, which was really odd. I mean, we can’t change our nationality. Btw, I’m here to ask you for help with my ID. I’d appreciate any reasonable rec on ID service. TIA
lhoucinegirlfriend (IV09377201)

Messages: 1

Hey folks. Actually, once I was in Australia a couple of years ago. I had a 3 months vacation there. Man, I didn’t want to leave that country. I’m a doctor, so I first paid attention to their HC system. Once I heard Australia has the best health care system. I was so surprised when I was convinced about it during my vacation. They actually pay no medical fees! You can reach your doctor any time you want. So, I guess I won’t change my citizenship eventually, but I’d like to have the same health care system in my country. As for your ID, you can look for more info here. Hope that will help you. Best wishes, folks.

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Allison (IV09607101)

Messages: 9

sometimes I have such thoughts, but then I understand how much I love my country and everything, the desire disappears.
Stellayuni (IV09842401)

Messages: 6

After the war started in my country, I left with my family. I want my children to live far away from Russia, so I sent them to Canada. I learned there about the rules of acquiring Canadian citizenship. The main problem is that we fled from the war and left a lot of children's documents in a city half destroyed by war. But we used a document scanner, www.idanalyzer.com, which pulled up all our and our children's documents. So we can safely apply for citizenship if we live in the country for 3 years. Now we are actively studying the customs, culture and laws of Canada. I also plan to translate the text into English. And the children have already started learning French to speak both languages.

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im_antonio (IV010296401)

Messages: 14

If you're planning immigration to the USA I highly recommend visiting this site usa-immigrations.com. This website includes dozens of up-to-date application forms with instructions that you can use.

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