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Medical Supplies and Equipment companies reviews
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Luka Waskes (IV07489401)

Messages: 16

Any experience working with companies in the Medical Supplies and Equipment niche. US only, please respond. Thanks.
Xiaks (IV07431101)

Messages: 17

Hello, everyone. Everyone needs Medical Supplies and Equipment sometimes because we are all human and sometimes or even often get sick. The company inogen, which I have tested, can help you with medications. You can also check it out yourself by reading all the inogen reviews which are made up of customers.
James Falcao (IV07505701)

Messages: 1

Post Nasal Drip is an uncomfortable but
common feeling of pain in the airways caused by the
drying up of the mucous membranes in the linings of
the airways. Symptoms that can be associated with
post-nasal drip (the sensation of mucus running
continuously down the back of the throat) are:
frequent dry cough that lasts for several weeks or
even months; post nasal drip; and sore throat. Sore
throats are generally caused by the flu or some other
infection that has not been adequately treated. Other
causes of sore throat include allergies (sometimes involving foods and chemicals) and
sometimes even colds or simple sore throat.
A treatment for this symptom of PND is to use nasal sprays. Nasal sprays are antihistamines
that work by blocking the production of histamine in the body. Histamine is one of the chemicals
in asthma that allows fluid movement through the bronchial tubes. The more histamine there is
in a patient's system, the faster the fluid can move through the tubes. So when there is less
histamine in the system, the cilia are unable to move the fluid along the tubes as fast. Thus the
symptoms of PND begin to appear.
Post Nasal Drip can also occur when a person has a sore throat or cracked lips. These
symptoms can be very uncomfortable and they have similar effects as with a post-nasal drip.
However they tend to be relatively rare, and only in the acute cases. Other common causes of
this symptom of PND include allergies such as pollen, mould, dust mites and dust. In addition,
sinus infections, head colds, flu and even a cold or sinus infection can cause this symptom. The
treatment for each case will be different and should be discussed with your doctor.
Clara Wilson (IV07477401)

Messages: 5

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