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Writing the outline
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DanielForet (IV07335301)

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After writing the outline, it is worth write my paper a working draft of the paper. The common English term for this is a draft. A working draft is no longer an ordered list of points, items and considerations, but a continuous text. However, this text still does not strive for any particular literary elegance, its style being more that of simple direct prose. It consists of short sentences and short paragraphs, using simple phrases. It is superfluous, and often ridiculous, to mobilise big words and deep concepts where simple ones will do. To avoid turgidity and mannerisms, use expressions that would be used in simple conversation.
How to ensure clarity in continuous text? First of all, by not letting the reader imagine the outline of our study, but by making the logical connections between the ideas and explanations as obvious as possible. The best way to do this is through the precise, consistent use of our connectors. Our connectives are grouped according to their logical nature, for example, see below:

- because; since; inasmuch as; etc. [Explanatory]
- therefore; therefore; from which it follows that; therefore; etc.
- at the same time; nevertheless; however; but; contrary to; although; even though; etc. [Contradictory]
- before-last; to some extent-else; first-last; etc. [Indicators, classifiers, rankers, etc.]

By mobilizing these terms in the introduction to our sentences expressing our considerations, we can ensure that the reader does not get lost but follows the path that the paper suggests to him or her in order to best answer the question.

Another way to ensure a clear structure is to recall, name, identify what we are doing. Edited examples:

- I begin by...
- Before I get to what's wrong with this train of thought, I'll first...
- The thoughts I've quoted suggest that...
- I will now proceed to defend the claim that...
- Further support for this idea is that...
- A good example to illustrate this...
- I see three reasons to accept...first..second..third...
- There are several reasons why this argument fails, one...two...
- So we have seen that thinking this way, you can't make the argument that...

If the intended readership is very knowledgeable on a topic, you can leave out some basic explanations, but if buy thesis online are based on them, it is definitely worth including them. A clear explanation, even at a basic level, should never be offensive. The simple prose of the working example also ensures that we do not mix the style of our favourite authors into some strange concoction, but will look for our own when we come to the final wording based on the working example.
Peteroposts (IV07488101)

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Merci pour l'information
John Fazio (IV07143901)

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Larry Rainbolt (IV07718401)

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Nice topic! Thank you!
Larry Rainbolt (IV07718401)

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Vikash kumar (IV07688201)

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Good to know this.
Milton Rose (IV07814401)


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Katherine Annie (IV07876901)

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