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General Discussion - Financial Markets  
[Folder] Equity Market (IPOs, Fundamental & Technical Analysis)
Discuss about Primary & Secondary Markets and Fundamental & Technical Analysis.
57615 115668 02/10/2023 15:52:26
moxow94049 (IV011272801) [Latest Reply]
[Folder] Derivatives (Equity, Currency, Commodities)
Discuss about various segment-wise derivatives products.
6424 11414 02/10/2023 15:44:27
mahmishal (IV09657901) [Latest Reply]
[Folder] Futures & Options
Discuss about futures & options contracts and its leverages.
139080 145327 02/10/2023 15:52:10
Halley (IV013054201) [Latest Reply]
[Folder] Combination Strategies
Discuss various advance derivatives strategies and combination of multiple futures & options contracts.
4773 6706 02/10/2023 14:32:46
Bests Course (IV012694101) [Latest Reply]
[Folder] Mutual Funds
Discuss all the aspects of mutual funds.
2948 4329 02/10/2023 10:29:25
datahk123 (IV013476901) [Latest Reply]
[Folder] Insurance
Discuss the nuances of insurance domain.
2791 5082 02/10/2023 15:46:32
Fareed (IV012686001) [Latest Reply]
Financial Markets Certifications  
[Folder] NISM Exams
Discuss NISM Exams and practice test bank questions
3756 8201 02/10/2023 13:16:13
Fedel (IV013478501) [Latest Reply]
[Folder] NCFM Exams
Discuss NCFM Exams and their practice test bank questions.
793 1294 02/10/2023 11:04:38
shahbazansari (IV010127201) [Latest Reply]
[Folder] IRDA Exam
Discuss about IRDA - IC-33 Exam and practice test bank questions.
1041 1685 02/10/2023 09:46:00
c2bitto (IV011428301) [Latest Reply]
[Folder] MCCP Exam
Discuss about MCX - MCCP Exam and Comprehensive question bank.
779 1444 02/10/2023 09:46:17
c2bitto (IV011428301) [Latest Reply]
Career in Finance  
[Folder] Trading & Operations (CSMP)
Discuss about stock market trading and operations courses.
1809 3191 02/10/2023 14:33:45
asimseo (IV011286201) [Latest Reply]
[Folder] Financial Analyst (CFMP, CFA)
Discuss about financial courses for financial analysis and financial modeling.
824 1473 02/10/2023 12:53:56
mehadak421 (IV013203201) [Latest Reply]
[Folder] Risk Management (FRM-GARP)
Discuss about risk management and surveillance activities in securities markets and career prospects.
661 952 02/10/2023 10:11:48
c2bitto (IV011428301) [Latest Reply]
[Folder] Global Certifications (CISI)
Discuss about global securities market certifications and career prospects in finance and investment domain.
1011 1637 02/10/2023 10:22:28
hibajew (IV012830001) [Latest Reply]
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