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Pass IC-33 exam & become a Life Insurance Agent

IC-33 Pre-recruitment Qualification for Life Agents

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IC-33 Pre-recruitment Qualification for Life Agents Study Text furnishes the aspirants with the useful knowledge, equipped skills-sets and consideration one needs to be licensed as a life insurance agent, and to present an expert, professional service in the life insurance industry. Specially, it intends to increase agent's ability to apply, in clients' interests, facts of the Indian insurance industry and its directives, and knowledge and consideration of key life insurance and other financial products.

The IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) forms rules for the conduct of business, sets competency principles and otherwise does its best to make sure that the high standards that are necessary by the law are met. The IRDA manages the provisions of the Insurance Act including registration, licensing and laying down regulations for the proper conduct of the business and the protection of the interests of policyholders.

IRDA Test details
Name of Exam: IC-33 Pre-recruitment Qualification for Life Agents

 Test Fees 
 Test Duration  
(in minutes)
No. of
Maximum Marks  Pass Marks (%)   Certificate Validity  
(in years)
 Negative Marking 
250 60 50 50 50 3 Not Applicable

Features of the IC-33 Pre-recruitment Qualification for Life Agents Practice Tests :

Intended as per parameters set for actual IC-33 online test.
Include 16 unit tests and 6 full length tests (in total 22 tests).
Feature about 850 questions.
Cover the questions from units in same ratio as set for IC-33 test.
Hold the same pattern and testing mechanism as set for IC-33 online tests.
Obtain online tests and examine your performance with complete report at a microscopic level with our assessment tools.
Cover the different topics and subject matter outlined for IC-33 Pre-recruitment Qualification Exam for Life Agents in small details.
Get hold on in-depth knowledge of life insurance market through our complete question bank prepared by market professionals and expand useful knowledge of insurance market.

Why Intelivisto ?

Here at Intelivisto, we mean to assist participants get in-depth functioning facts of Indian insurance market to chase a thriving career in the domain and clear Life Insurance Agents Certification identified as IC-33 Pre-recruitment Qualification for Life Agents.

How to Begin ?

At Intelivisto, steel yourself to crack IC-33 Pre-recruitment Qualification for Life Agents Exam with confidence. So, we would be happy more than to give you any help in your endeavor to not only find the life insurance agency but also to outfit you with the essential skills-set.

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